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Patented Swiss Technology

Biodry Technology eliminates capillary rising damp permanently. It reverses the flow of water molecules by canceling the electrical disturbance present in the ground. By exploiting this natural physical principle, the system interrupts the interferences created by the underground movement of groundwater thus restoring the original balance to the wall. Biodry bases its technology on the natural physical principle of cancelling the progressive rise of moisture from the ground without invasive or aggressive methods and solving the true cause of capillary rising damp.

Biodry does not have any chemical additives, does not provide any electromagnetic emissions and does not need any invasive building work. Thanks to this ingenious technology, the water present in the ground is no longer drawn upwards and into the walls but remains in the ground.

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How does Biodry work?

1. Capillary rising damp is a constant flow of water molecules that rise through walls in contact with the ground.

2. Damp stains become an aesthetic problem, they are also harmful to health as to the structure of the property.

3. Once Biodry is installed, the water present in the ground is no longer drawn upwards, Biodry reverses the flow of water molecules exploiting a natural physical principle.

4. Thanks to the technology that counteracts moisture, Biodry eliminates the problem of rising damp permanently.

5. Finally the damp stains disappear and the walls become dry again. 100% guaranteed!

How we work

1 Site inspection

To ensure that we can solve the wall humidity problems our consultant will perform a site inspection and validate the rising damp issues. 

2 Technical measurements

After the site inspection we can identify if the humidity problems are caused by rising damp. To identity this we will perform multiple technical measurements.

3 Device installation

After the service contract is signed we will start with the device installation en perform further measurements to monitor the change in rising damp.

4 Diagnostic service

We offer a diagnostic service up to 3 years to ensure that the rising damp has been eliminated and that the wall is drying up.

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Patented Swiss Technology

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